Tunna sallad ( or paste )

2 cans of tuna flakes in oil
250 gr butter
1 lemon
2 onions
salt and pepper

Very simple : chopp the onions, drain the oil from the tuna cans.Mix the tuna flakes with the butter until the butter is soft and nice, add the onion, juice of the lemon , salt and pepper and mix with the kitcken mixer till it becoms like a really nice foamy paste. Done! Really simple and really yummy on toast too!!


We are all alike, only the food is different!

On the 15 th of december we had a nice gathering with all the people from SFI ( swedish for immigrants ), all the students there and teachers of course.We all cooked dishes from the country of origin, good food all the way.
You could have found there food from Germany, Holland, Poland, Thailand, Sweden, Romania, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Mexic,Irak,Iran,China...and well all was amazing good food!

two of my beautiful teachers Lena and Bengt

and more food

and more food

and yea... well more food

everyone enjoy themselves

some sang.... some danced

Garlic chicken wings with a mad tomato sallad

1 kg chicken wings
1 garlic head
olive oil
salt and pepper
chilli flakes
for the sallad buy what kind of tomates you like, I found a really good price for mixed tomatoes i also added radish, green spring onions and isberg sallad, for the dressing basicly use what you like best , it is not a preppy sallad at all , you can use basil , olive oil, salt, pepper, vinegar or lemon juice, oregano etc etc
sidedish i was lazy so i bought a bag of frozen wedges that you just throw in the oven for 25 minutes

1.chopped the garlic, mix it with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and olive oil, pour it on top of the chicken and leave it to rest for at least 2 hours to get a better garlic taste, after that place in the oven ( 200 celsius) untill they get a nice brown colour

2.as you can see tha sallad is very colourfull and nice, but the choice of mix is up to everyones personal favorits I always have something different

3. do whatever you want as a sidedish, i just threw the potatoes in the oven and but everything on the plates, it look good in my eyes.

Loin of pork rolled with spicies and fresh thyme

4 portions
4 nice pieces of pork
spices ( salt, pepper,paprika or whatever you like best )
fresh thyme
8 sticks
olive oil

1. brush  the pork slices with olive oil

2. spices on :salt, pepper paprika

3.fresh thyme

4.roll gently and fix the roll in place with the sticks

5.place in the preheated oved (180 degrees celsius) for about 1 hour,I served them with boiled potatoes , tomato sallad and freshed chopped thyme on top. Delicious!