Mersi Pansy pentry premiu...si eu care credeam ca nu imi urmareste nimeni blogul...haha!

Thank you Pansy !



Wiener Schnitzel

Schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish, easy to make but overall very delicious. I used thin slices of beef, ussually it consists of thin slices of veal, but often people use pork too.
First you coat the meat with flour, then dip it in egg ( that was beat before, salt and pepper added) and the last step I coated with breadcrums, breadcrums that were mixed with herbs before.

I fried the slices in oil, it needs about a minute or a minute and a half on each side because the meat it isvery very thin, I changed the oil about 3 times along the way, because the flour tends to burn and then it tastes bitter and I had about 11 slices to fry and I didnt wanna use the same oil more than twice.
I served the schnitzel with boiled potatoes coated in butter and parsley and steamed asparagus and baby carrots.For the asparagus it needs to steam for about 4-5 minutes, you need a normal sized skillet , add the asparagus , a glass of water, a big nob of butter and salt, medium heat you bring it to boil , cover the skillet and let it steam for 5 minutes.


Muschi de porc impletit cu bacon / Braided tenderloin fillet with bacon

Cut the tendeloin fillet in three, be carefull not to cut all the way , that way it will be easier to braid.
Put a bacon and fresh thyme ( you can use dried too ) on each piece.Start to braid it, stuff some crushed garlic in between .
Preheat the oven to 175 C. Oil an oven tray.Sprinkle salt, pepper and paprika on top.Drizzle some more oil.
I added some bay leaves , garlic cloves and the bacon that was left, it gave the sauce a better taste in the end.
It looked like that when it came out of the oven, can not explain the smell....HMMMM....it was in the oven for about 1 h, but it is best to check it with a termometer.
I drained the juices from the tray , added some meat stock, some soy sauce for the colour and I made a nice brown sauce that works perfectly with this piece of pork.I served it with mashed potatoes and a nice sallad with an italian vinegrette.
It came out very good considering that I had a couple of Tom Collins cocktails while I was cooking.....What??...IT WAS SATURDAY!!!


Saturday night dinner / Easter dinner

Too be honest I am not a huge fan of religiuos holydays but my parents where here and I wanted to amused my dad.

I coloured some eggs , made a boeuf salad. Recipe really simple , add in a big bowl boiled green peas, boiled chicken meat ( chopped), pickeld cucumber ( chopped ), boiled potatoes ( chopped ), eggs ( chopped ....of course) boiled carrots.........( chopped :) ) make a mayonnaise I belive it taste better with homemade mayo.
Half of the mayo you add with everything and mix , rest the salad in a nice bowl and add the rest of the mayo on top.
The dinner that I made I will post it later.

Salata orientala / Oriental Salad

I have no clue why the hell they call this salad oriental in Romania because it has nothing oriental about it, at least I dont think so.
 I will not say how much you need of anything because it depends on how much salad you want to make.I will just share the basics and the way that I do it.
So... what I added was : boiled potatoes ( cut in cubes), boiled eggs, chopped black olives, red bell pepper (finely sliced), cucumber ( take away the seeds with a spoon and again finely sliced), red onion ( finely sliced) mix them all together with salt and pepper, olive oil and white wine winegar.Chop some parsley on top and let it rest in the fridge for at least and hour...........and to quote Mister Ramsay now.... I will say    ***DONE***

Romanian Stew with polenta / Tochitura cu mamaliga

This is very typical dish in classic romanian restaurants, there is 3 different ways to do it from 3 different regions in Romania.... I did it my way which was...mixing a bit of everything from the 3 recipes.
 It is usually served with a fried egg on top of the polenta...I choose not to do it because it was a dinner and it was already a plate full of fried meat  and it seemed to me that adding the egg was a bit too heavy for my family.
1.Have your meat ready, sausage and some mushrooms....I cheated with the mushrooms and i used canned ones... not that tasty as fresh ones but anyway....next time :)
2.Chop some red onion and garlic.Heat up the pan and add some oil. When the oil is hot add the onion and garlic.
3.You also need a beef stock cube, about 2 dl red wine and tomato paste.
4.When the onion and garlic it's almost done add the meat, sausages , mushrooms and fry for a little while until the colour of the meat turns white, when that happends add the beef stock, wine, tomato paste and a bit of water if it is needed.Add salt and pepper at the end, check the meat if it's done. Served it with a nice creamy polenta and grated feta cheese on top.