Romanian Stew with polenta / Tochitura cu mamaliga

This is very typical dish in classic romanian restaurants, there is 3 different ways to do it from 3 different regions in Romania.... I did it my way which was...mixing a bit of everything from the 3 recipes.
 It is usually served with a fried egg on top of the polenta...I choose not to do it because it was a dinner and it was already a plate full of fried meat  and it seemed to me that adding the egg was a bit too heavy for my family.
1.Have your meat ready, sausage and some mushrooms....I cheated with the mushrooms and i used canned ones... not that tasty as fresh ones but anyway....next time :)
2.Chop some red onion and garlic.Heat up the pan and add some oil. When the oil is hot add the onion and garlic.
3.You also need a beef stock cube, about 2 dl red wine and tomato paste.
4.When the onion and garlic it's almost done add the meat, sausages , mushrooms and fry for a little while until the colour of the meat turns white, when that happends add the beef stock, wine, tomato paste and a bit of water if it is needed.Add salt and pepper at the end, check the meat if it's done. Served it with a nice creamy polenta and grated feta cheese on top.

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  1. Yummy...o sa incerc reteta ta in seara asta. Imi place ca ai pus si ciupercute :P.