Thai chicken wok!

900 gr chicken file
1 box of  egg noodles
500 gr frozen thai vegetables
thai spices
cooking oil
salt and pepper
1.cut the chicken breast into thing stripes and let it marinate for about 1-2 hours in soya.
2.Finely cut the cabbage.Turn the heat on max and heat up the wok.Add the oil when the wok is hot, add the chicken and fry it.
 3.When the chicken turns white add the spices , stir and add the wok noodles and from now you basicly need to cook according to the indication on the box.Add the vegetables when the noodles are half way done and the white cabbage.Stir fry it but be carefull and reduce the heat at medium so the noodles wont burn.


  1. A simple combination that allays works: chicken, noodles and vegetables in soy sauce. It looks very good. Congratulations for a very handsome recipe.