Chicken wings with peas

You need : 1 bag frozen peas
                  1 can of chopped tomatoes
                  1 red onion , 2 garlic cloves crushed and finely chopped
                   a little b
it paprika powder, chicken stock, salt and pepper
                  1 bag of chicken wings

First you put the chicken wings to boil with a chicken stock cube, when they are done boiling, take them out and save the broth in a deep pan.
Add the oil in the pan, bring the heat up alittle, add the onion finely chopped with the garlic too and sprinkle some paprika powder too, be carefull dont burn the onion and garlic because they will taste bitter in this simle dish.
After they got some colour add the frozen peas, chopped tomatoes and chicken stock, bring to boil.
When your peas are almost done, add the chicken wings, salt pepper and some fresh dill ( or frozen)-
Ready to serve, very simple, and you can re- heat it during the week if you dont have time to make something for lunch. I served it with  different kind of pickeld cucumber and cabbage.

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