Saturday night dinner !

I've made last night oven grilled chicken *thights*, grilled paprika sallad and pesto and tomatoes pastry ( not mine idea something i stole from http://poppy-planet.blogspot.com/2010/02/foietaj-cu-pesto-si-rosii.html )

1. I bought about 2 bags of chicken ( we are 4 grown ups) and some grill marinade for chicken , or you can make your own it is not that complicated, anyway you marinade the chicken for hmm I dont know ... 1-2 hours before you put it in the oven on the grill-like tray
2.The oven has to be pre-heat at 200 C, but often I bring the heat up to 225 C in the last 5-10 minutes just to get a nice crispy skin.
3.For the pastry with pesto you need :  well pre.made pastry you find in the store, basil pesto, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and i added a few strings of ham :)
You cu the pastry in equal size portions, add the pesto, tomatoes slices, ham, parmesan and sprinkle some basil on top.Place on a tray with baking papper and add to the preheated oven at 180 C for 20-25 minutes.

4.Finally for the grilled paprika sallad I bought some red bell peppers and some of the longer version of peppers, I called them Kapia Peppers but I am not sure in english is the same.You can buy different colours if you want variety but I bought only red because I belive it tastes better and they are sweeter.
I heat up the oven till 225 C and well grilled the paprika untill they get a nice black shade on them, and then you can easly peel the skin away after they cool down.
The vinegrette is very simple : balsamic vinegar,water, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic, mix it all together and add the peppers in.

Everything was yummy!


  1. You are from Romania? I like your blog!

  2. DA! Sunt o romanca care traieste in Suedia :)
    Si mie imi place blogul tau, ma gandesc sa fur reteta de rafaello.... pare foarte simpla si eu nu prea le am cu deserturile absolut deloc :P

  3. Soo, you are from Romania! Hi,hi. E foarte simpla! Robottul, si, gata! MAi mult iti ia modelarea lor!