Pork schitzel with mash and green sallad

This is a very traditional dish in Austria and I know it better by the name of Wiener Schnitzel.
You need :  4 thin slices of pork ( you probably can buy it already cut specially made for schnitzel )
                   flour, bread crumbs and eggs
                    salt and pepper
                   oil for frying
                   potatoes for the mash
                   butter, creme fraiche and mustard ( i use mustard in my mash I like it beacause it gives a special taste to it rather than the ordinary mash )
                  for the sallad i used my iceberg sallad ( a small one ) cucumber, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, garlic and made a herb vinegrette
1. for the schnitzel you beat the meat to be really thin because it takes a short period of time of frying
you dry the meat( season with salt and pepper aswell )  and the you follow three easy steps
first put the meat in flour, dust it off, then eggs ( lightly beaten), let the excess drip off and then the bread crumbs....dust the excess off and put it in the pan with the heated oil
when you take them out place the meat on baking paper so it will stay nice and crispy and you wont have the bad luck as when you use kitchen tissues and they stick to the meat
2.sallad... well thats just easy to make, I love it cause it looks nice and green and healthy on a plate

3.the masheed potatoes are simple and everyone knows how to make them, I am just sharing the fact that I like to add mustard in it too just to add a special flavour to it

it might look alot on the plate but its not,,, just a close up picture ;)

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