Salata orientala / Oriental Salad

I have no clue why the hell they call this salad oriental in Romania because it has nothing oriental about it, at least I dont think so.
 I will not say how much you need of anything because it depends on how much salad you want to make.I will just share the basics and the way that I do it.
So... what I added was : boiled potatoes ( cut in cubes), boiled eggs, chopped black olives, red bell pepper (finely sliced), cucumber ( take away the seeds with a spoon and again finely sliced), red onion ( finely sliced) mix them all together with salt and pepper, olive oil and white wine winegar.Chop some parsley on top and let it rest in the fridge for at least and hour...........and to quote Mister Ramsay now.... I will say    ***DONE***

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