Green beans with meatballs

1. Chop garlic ( 2 cloves), red onion and a big leek

2.Add oil to the deep pan, and simmer them with a pinch of chilly powder.Add water.

3.Add the frozen green beans and more water if necessary.

4-Add the chopped canned tomatoes.

5 when the beans and tomates are nicely done, salt and pepper to taste and some thicking agent to make a better sauce.

6.for the meatballs now, minced meat mixed with 1-2 eggs, salt pepper to taste, and you may add spices to taste, I mix what I ussualy find in my kitcken at the time, could be chilly powder, dry oregano, thyme etc etc.
when the meat mixture is done roll it into decent size balls and again roll those into plain flour so when you fry the meatballs they will get a nice brown colour.



  1. Hej Kristina!

    Detta låter supergott!

    Jag ska laga det!

  2. foarte simplu de facut si foarte delicious :)